About the Pembroke Family of Churches

The Pembroke Family of Churches began as one church called Spanish Point Church sometime in 1621 (or so). Since then, St John the Evangelist Anglican Church (or simply St John’s) was built and modified over the centuries, and two more Churches were added to the family: St. Monica’s in 1909, and St Augustine’s in 1911. A proud part of the Anglican Diocese of Bermuda, we’re a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion that stretches across the globe.

The Team

The Reverend Jonathan (Jon) D. Connell is the Priest-in-Charge
Mrs. Terrilyn Allison is the Parish Administrator and heads up The Eden Project
Mrs. Louann Smith is the Administrative Assistant and takes a lead on the Graveyard
Mr. Raymond Bell helps out with payments part-time
Mrs. Karin Johnson volunteers in many helpful ways in the Office
Mr. Neil Anderson takes the lead at the Pembroke Sunday School and helps with set-up and security

The Office

The office is located in the Pembroke Sunday School Building at 127 St John’s Road.

The Vestry (Board of Directors)

Mrs. Kandi White and Mr. Jeff Allison are our Churchwardens who, together with the Priest-in-charge and Parish Administrator, take the lead in ensuring the smooth running of worship services and day-to-day operations.
Mrs. Janice Williams serves as the Vestry Clerk. She is entrusted with keeping records of the Board’s activities and decisions.
Other members of the Vestry are Mrs. Judy Benevides, Mrs. Karin Johnson, Mrs. Cecily Smith,
Ms. Joanne Sybil Smith, and Mr. Michael Heslop.
While not a sitting member of Vestry, Mr. Michael Jeffrey serves as our treasurer.